Friday, January 21, 2005

U B Learnin'...

Welcome. Come on in. Enjoy. Learn. Help others. Have fun...

The heart of our "Surfin' Saturdays" computer training time together at the cafe will be relationship building -- making friends over coffee & keyboards... and sharing what we learned from someone else... with someone else.

Our goals for our informal time together, are simple: To develop the 3 basic capabilities of the internet... in just 3 weeks. Unbelievable? See for yourself as you come help?

  • "U. B. Surfin" -- Gotta learn to surf the net, to know how to start finding important information, and to learn whatever you want to learn in life.
  • "U. B. Emailin" -- Gotta get yourself a free email account, learn to email, and avoid the pitfalls.
  • "U. B. Bloggin" -- Gotta learn to post something out where anyone can get to it from anywhere in the world... in order to hook-up with others and to impact people for the common good. In just one lesson, participants will get their own blog & automatic RSS feed... for free. And learn why that's important.

Each one, teach one: Although our Saturday training is free, trainees are obligated to train someone else in the coming weeks. So after 3 more sessions -- now as trainers themselves -- they will be considered for adding to our common neighborhood blog here... "U.B. bloggin". Stay tuned -- we'll be posting their pics & links to THEIR new blog-sites!

And in case you ever wonder 'Why?': Why would anyone take their time, talents and treasure to build these relationships and programs to help other people... the reason is simple: Jesus has loved us so much, forgiven us of much, and He extends His offer to everyone to enjoy life now and forevermore; how could we not want to share that good news with others and in turn share love & help others as we've been loved & helped in so many ways. [continue at]

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