Sunday, March 06, 2005

U.B. Goin'....

I love the folks at the cafe. All of 'em. And now that we're a little bit underway with the "U.B. Bloggin'" computer-training program, maybe it's time to add a new available training-item to the program, for those who might want it...

After all, so far, we tell folks that we can train 'em in 3 weeks on the 3 important aspects of the internet...

1. U.B. Surfin'
2. U.B. Emailin'
3. U.B. Bloggin'

And it's fun, especially if you love people. Our trained friends will tell you what we always say... "It's not WHAT ya know that's as important as WHO ya know."... because if you know the right kind of people, they can help you learn anything you want to learn. [And the cafe has the 'right' kind of people!]

So people that love ya and want to help you learn computer skills will tell you... these 3 skills above are the most important ones on the internet.

But important as those are, there's nothing more important than the 4th module...

4. U.B. Goin'

Goin' where? Goin' how?

U.B. Goin' to heaven... if you want to, and if you learn how.

But it's like surfin', emailin' and bloggin' -- what's important is... that you want to do it, and you're willing to learn the RIGHT way.

Bill Gates doesn't ask your opinion about how to surf.... because opinions may be interesting, but the only thing that counts is... are you doin' it the right way. Right?

Same with heaven. Opinions are interesting, but the only thing that counts is... Are you doin' it the right way? And the 'right way' of course, has to be GOD's way.

Thankfully, He loves us way more than Bill Gates loves us. And He's provided a way that's way simpler than surfin', emailin' or bloggin'.

He loves us so much that He humbled Himself came down to earth 2000 years ago and lived as one of us. And even though He was perfect, He allowed Himself to be cruelly tortured and crucified... as a sacrifice, to pay the penalty for our sins. And He rose again from the grave and was seen by over 500 people... to demonstrate His power and authority.

And several of those who saw Him do miracles, saw Him die on the cross, and even saw Him after rising from the dead.... they wrote about Him... and died at the hands of folks who hated Jesus... rather than 'give in' about what they had seen and known to be true.

Do you know anyone who willingly died instead of telling the truth? I don't. But many of the writers of the New Testament did just exactly that. [And some of the Old Testament writers, as well.]

So these friends of Jesus.... Did they record what Jesus said about how 'U.B. Goin'??? Yep. Lots.

Take John for instance -- one of Jesus' closest friends. Look what he said about why he went to the trouble of writing down what he observed:

"Jesus did many other miraculous signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. "

And of course it was John who wrote down Jesus' words that are famous throughout the world:

John 3:16... "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes [trusts] in him shall not perish, but will have eternal life." [clarification added]

Actually, if you want to read John's book about Jesus, you can even do it online. It's pretty short. Read it for yourself. Learn what Jesus said about "U.B.Goin'" (or U.NOT.B.Goin').

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