Saturday, January 07, 2006

Baloney Bloggin'

Here is a picture of Gerald.
Know why he's so wiiiiiide?

Cuz he's full of baloney!

Hi everyone. Forgive us for having a little extra fun today. Gerald had it coming. He suckered us all in with a long-winded yarn... ending in a 'sackful of baloney'.

Every week it's different, but we have a lot of fun here building relationships across various cultures. In fact, we say that we're not only trying to cross the 'divide divide', but we're also crossing the racial divide, and ultimately helping our friends cross God's eternal divide.

And yeah, we have fun doing it. So we used Gerald's baloney tale to also teach folks how to search for pictures out on the web, and how to easily put 'em into their websites.

Hope to see some of you on Saturday -- come join us. It's free and easy, and holds eternal rewards.

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