Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'J4J'... "We Lift Him Up"

[How cool is this! Praise God for this brother...]

Atlanta holy hip hop artist, 'J4J' has just finished producing "Lifting Him Up" -- a soundtrack especially for our TechMission program -- helping our friends and neighbors 'cross the 3 great divides'...

  • the 'digital divide'
  • the multicultural divide
  • and God's eternal divide

"We Lift Him Up".

The TechMission program is underway at the Unleavened Bread Cafe, a 501(c)3 ministry in the heart of Indy's inner-city. Come down and join us any Saturday morning, 10 a.m. til noon.

'J4J' -- Reginald Blanchard -- has been nominated for a 'Gospel Choice Award' as Best Holy Hip Hop Artist for 2006. But more than that, Reggie himself is a tech-adept, e-capable Christian who knows the importance and the power of acquiring internet skills... no matter what your profession. Check out his MySpace page as he uses it to network with others, and utilize his talents for the glory of God.

Then visit his commercial site...

But most importantly, listen to the lyrics as he guides young people toward Christ, acknowledging Him daily, and a life-long learning.

Let's hope to meet Reggie at CCDA St. Louis 2007 !


[Reggie, we praise God for you!]

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