Saturday, August 18, 2007

Names & Faces...

Travis Davis & Shelley Webster

How are we going to get to know... and remember... other people... without PICTURES?

It's one of the things we do each Saturday morning at the cafe -- we get to know one another... and we take pictures. And just as the pictures are all different from each other... so are the people. We're all different. But very typically, Christ is the common bond at the cafe. The 'level playing field' is at the foot of the cross.

Here are the latest photos from the cafe.

Btw, you can ALWAYS get to our pix via this 'badge' in our sidebar at right.


If names & faces are important... then you can quickly see why has become sooooo popular these days. A number of our people this morning got their Facebook ID's -- thanks to Stephen & Tom helping out. And while Facebook itself is open to anyone, Christians are using it a ton these days... to connect & communicate. Example: 'City Reaching Movement'. Or CCDA 'group'.

[If YOU'RE not yet in Facebook, but would like to be... come on by the cafe for "Ask Anything Saturday"... 10am. We'll be glad to try to help get you connected. But remember... it's 'Each One Teach One'... so be sure to then help someone else get involved.]

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