Sunday, December 09, 2007

Anyone want to buy a slice of 1964 ?

Yesterday, during our time together which we call "Ask Anything Saturday", one of our cafe regulars asked... "How could I use the internet to help sell an old newspaper I have from 1964?"

As it turns out, he didn't just have ANY old newspaper, he had one from the day a young, brash Louisville fighter beat the reigning heavyweight champion of the world...

photo by Ellen Spencer

Cassius Clay, later to be known worldwide as Muhammed Ali, had just taken down Sonny Liston -- a fight that some of us remember from our childhood.

In the course of a few minutes, our newest 'new media' expert **way to go, Ellen** was able to take a photo of the newpaper and upload it to our UBcafe photo pool at Flickr. James is getting familiar with how easy it is to get a photo online and then use it in various pages around the web... eg., his wiki-page.

And we are now able to tell you about it here in the UBcafe blog site. That's the easy power of synergy at work.

So, does anyone want a slice of 1964?

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