Saturday, March 01, 2008

In the house today... families and a wrecking crew

There was certainly a wide variety of folks in the cafe today...

Josh & Joanna Kennedy and their girls came all the way from Sheridan. Josh is the pastor at Christ Community Church there, where our tech-wizard/friend Scott Wilder participates as worship leader.

And former Colts (SuperBowl) lineman, Tarik Glenn and some of his family were also in the house. Tarik & Maya are highly invested in the neighborhood, especially as pertains to youth programs. Visit Dream Alive, Inc (youth mentoring), for instance.

And then there's the wrecking crew today... LOL...

And none of these pictures would be available but for our resident photographer & tech-director of (several of) our 'Ask Anything Saturday TV' shows.... Alex Conner.

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