Tuesday, July 01, 2008

'Can I Go Home Again?'

"Can I go home again?"... the compelling question of 18,000 prisoners released each year from Indiana Department of Corrections.

Dan Gushee shared his personal testimony about that very question today at the MidNorth Shepherd Center's monthly luncheon at the cafe.

Dan is the founder of 'Grace Place'... an ex-offender 're-entry' housing ministry.

Here's a video by 'Choices Team' featuring Dan and one of his guys, Buddy, illustrating the value of a faith-based small-group becoming a 'care team' for a prisoner returning to the community.

'Mother Moore' gave devotions today in standard form -- if you've never been at the cafe to hear her, you MUST mark your calendar for the 1st Tues of a month, 10:30am, and come sit in.

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I just wanted you to know that we have re-vamped our blog site and we are up an running: http://goodworksindiana.blogspot.com

Also I am always looking for folks to write about particularly stories like this.

Thanks for your assistance during the disaster. It was extremely helpful. Talk to you soon.