Sunday, March 12, 2006

How To Get George Bush To Read Your Blog!

We need to soon build a cafe-blogging segment on...

"How To Get George Bush To Read Your Blog!".
(...or anyone else.)

Sure, he COULD accidentally get bored some day while vacationing at the ranch, and just HAPPEN to type in your blog url. [Or so could anyone else.]

But that's not likely.

So the question is... How should we quickly go about getting our blogs seen?

We'll answer that in upcoming blog-posts, probably by going and searching out best-practices that someone else has already compiled for us. Then we'll link you to THEIR best ideas.

[And btw, we know some bloggers that George respects.... so just MAYBE....]

But at the very least, we'll start compiling some tips & tricks in the meantime. Like... go try to get your blog-url added at the following blog-searching sites:

  • -- Ask them (oh, I mean us) to add your url in the 'Begats' section.
  • -- If you're a Christian blogger, maybe you'd qualify for the Who's Who of Indy Bloggers. Email Neil.
  • -- Aggregator associated with If you get aggregated there, you'd automatically also be seen wherever THEIR site is aggregated. Eg...'s Indiana News & Blogs page.
  • Email IndyChristian's listed Who's Who of Indy Bloggers... and maybe they'add add you.
  • -- a secular list of Indiana blogs.
  • Ask your church to add your link. LOL -- Yeah right **rollingeyes**. Maybe not yet, but sooner or later you'll see an openness by churches to reflect the nature of the Church... as the PEOPLE... not the centralized meeting place... or the staff... or just the leaders. So hang in there in the meantime, encourage them to start thinking that way. If we're ever to totally impact our neighborhoods and culture, it'll be by WORKING TOGETHER as a networked tapestry of driven Christians. They'll add you one of these days. Trust me. Btw, though... here's a start... here are some progress IndyChurches(.com) at least doing some blogging.
  • Go join a 'blog alliance'. There are a number of Christian alliances shown at And there are many more.
  • Consider your favorite activities, ministries, hobbies, etc.... Chances are, they considering a blogsite, and might soon even be aggregating blog-feeds like YOURS. Ask them to add your link to their site.
  • Other ideas or search-engine links for bloggers?
Now in the meantime, take some time and consider... "If not George Bush, who WOULD I like to read my blog?" [That is... what's the purpose of my blog anyway? How could I change the world a little, or a lot, if I published my best stuff here? Or how could I change the world by networking people to other people who are working to change the world for Christ?]

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