Saturday, March 18, 2006

How to create a hyperlink...

This morning, one of our bloggers said, "Ok, I know how to log in, write something, hit the Publish button... But how do you make those hyperlinks in your blog?"

Ok, fellow bloggers... LOL... Here's a start. Here's how you can create a hyperlink, so you can effectively 'point' folks to other great sites, articles or webpages.

After you've logged in to, and started creating or editing a blog-post...

1. Write something.
2. highlight something you wrote (which you'd like to see turned into a hyperlink.)
3. Click the tiny little 'hyperlink' icon (which is just above the white text-box you're writing in.)
4. When the little dialog box appears, type in the URL of the site you want your hyperlink to go to.
5. Click 'Ok' in the little dialox box.

La Voila! Here's what I decided to link to, to show you MY FAVORITE PIC on the world WIDE web !!!

[More next week. Y'all come.]

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