Sunday, July 08, 2007

Check out Rhonda's site...

[Loved this pic when I saw it on Click for the real pic.]

Good job on your MyChurch site, Rhonda. And I'm anxious to see how it also helps develop a related 'church' website for Greater Faith House of Prayer. After all, the 'Church' is the PEOPLE. MyChurch helps connect & communicate among the people. And together, we can all acquire new computer skills & capabilities.

In fact, more than just computer skills. Recently, one of our Saturday morning guys at the cafe whom you've helped put up his wiki-page, was able to pick up some cash working with someone else he met on Saturday morning. And that's helping build a resume of work-experience for the future.

So again, thanks Rhonda (and everyone) for your leadership in connecting & communicating in the neighborhood.

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