Saturday, September 30, 2006

'Reformed Gangstas' Video

[too funny not to run today... click the pic for today's video.]

Hat-tip Blews.Network's review of a number of great 'reformed' articles, people and links.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Has God provided for you?"

From the Levite Chronicles... [Ft. Wayne]

"A new way to capture stories and share them with other people and a way to involve more voices in the services."

"If either poverty or prosperity was the measure of being in good standing with God, the other group would always feel pressure. Instead, we can depend on God to provide what we need at the time it is needed (not to be confused the the time at which we want the need to be met!). I asked some people to call their stories in to my K7 number, and this is what they said...."

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Study: Digital Divide Separates Children

[excerpted from]

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Many more white children use the Internet than do Hispanic and black students, a reminder that going online is hardly a way of life for everyone.

Two of every three white students -- 67 percent -- use the Internet, but less than half of blacks and Hispanics do, according to federal data released Tuesday. For Hispanics the figure is 44 percent; for blacks, it's 47 percent.

"This creates incredible barriers for minorities," said Mark Lloyd, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and an expert on how communications influence civil rights.

Not using the Internet "narrows their ability to even think about the kind of work they can be doing," Lloyd said. "It doesn't prepare them for a world in which they're going to be expected to know how to do these things."

Kids use the Internet most often for completing school assignments, the new study says.

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[IndyChristian Commentary: This is one of the very reasons we do what we do at the cafe each Saturday morning (10am til noon) -- we help our friends & neighbors cross the digital divide, the multicultural divide, and God's eternal divide.]

Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Are You Ready?"

Gerald and myself and Elizabeth are going to create a short video-clip -- well, not really CREATE -- we're going to post one that we found and really, really like... and think you will too. Or should.

Once we learned how, we can teach ANYONE to post their favorite video-clips in just a couple of clicks.

Ahhh, but that's the secret -- y'gotta KNOW SOMEBODY who knows HOW. And you DO know somebody -- you know us. So come down any Saturday morning at 10am, and we'll gladly share with you.

Btw, that ALSO goes for showing you how YOU could 'be ready'... that is, how YOU could 'KNOW FOR SURE'.

Our neighbors in history online

Today at the cafe, Bennie Sayles and I surfed to Google... and found an interesting page at showing black history in the IFD (Indianapolis Fire Dept).