Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pastor Boyd visits the cafe this morning

Today Pastor Fredrick Boyd, Jr. stopped by the cafe to talk about updating the Creation Evidence Crusade website.
We enjoyed being able to help him -- Stay tuned we'll soon link to Damita's handi-work as she develops the new site for the upcoming Fall 2007 week of events.
And remember... everything we do here on Saturday mornings... is FREE. So pastors, leaders, anyone... come on down and ask your questions or get some help with a website of your own.
"Ask Anything Saturday"... 10am til noon... at the Unleavened Bread Cafe, 30th x Central Ave.
Btw, any of your churches or community centers out there that would like to help form a whole NETWORK of such TechMission locations.... come down and let's talk. That's a key objective this year -- to build out a whole network of community sites throughout the city... to facilitate 'connecting & communicating' among driven Christians in the Racing Capital of the World.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Video: Chaotic Christians Take On The U.B. Cafe

Too great, Scott (and Alex). Just too great for words. Thank you for adding to everything in a big way.

Btw, clarifying a bit... While we do regular training every week (Saturdays at 10am), we aspire to increasingly do 'special training' each week as well... but we're not there just yet. We will look forward to you guys coming to do podcasting training soon!

May God specially bless you guys, as you bless others!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pix at the cafe...

Da Bears, Da Colts and Duh Neil ...and Ellen Spencer

Great day yesterday at the cafe!

Ellen Spencer gave us all some training on uploading/tagging pix, so we can share them easily. Make them useful, even. [Stay tuned for further training re how YOUR photos could be used by The Chronicle -- the Christian newspaper here in Indy & beyond.

And as always, some great new connections were made by all of us. More 'driven Christians' teaming up to change lives & communities. Praise God!

A special thanks goes out to Ellen, and to our new friends from Martinsville, the 'Chaotic Christians'. Scott Wilder came and did some video shoots to podcast shortly. Stay tuned at

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Today... MidNorth Churches collaborating...

Today I was invited to speak at the Council of MidNorth Churches... as their meeting rotated to Tab (Tabernacle Presbyterian Church) here in Indy.

Praise God for churches anxious to work together to transform their communities.