Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Urban Blogger... Pastor Bryan Hudson

"Today, I am joining the blogging community! Like a baby, a web log (the full name of "blog") require lots of care and feeding. It's not something I wanted to start before I was ready to commit to maintaining it. Well, I'm ready to do this!

My friends know..." [continued at Bryan's Blog]


Bryan is also the lead instructor for "New Media for Urban Change"... at the Center For Urban Innovation. Co-instructors are Neil Cox & Hosea Baxter.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Names & Faces...

Travis Davis & Shelley Webster

How are we going to get to know... and remember... other people... without PICTURES?

It's one of the things we do each Saturday morning at the cafe -- we get to know one another... and we take pictures. And just as the pictures are all different from each other... so are the people. We're all different. But very typically, Christ is the common bond at the cafe. The 'level playing field' is at the foot of the cross.

Here are the latest photos from the cafe.

Btw, you can ALWAYS get to our pix via this 'badge' in our sidebar at right.


If names & faces are important... then you can quickly see why has become sooooo popular these days. A number of our people this morning got their Facebook ID's -- thanks to Stephen & Tom helping out. And while Facebook itself is open to anyone, Christians are using it a ton these days... to connect & communicate. Example: 'City Reaching Movement'. Or CCDA 'group'.

[If YOU'RE not yet in Facebook, but would like to be... come on by the cafe for "Ask Anything Saturday"... 10am. We'll be glad to try to help get you connected. But remember... it's 'Each One Teach One'... so be sure to then help someone else get involved.]

Saturday, August 11, 2007

In the house today... Author Melvin Fleming

Newly published workbook for faith-based mentoring... "Mission POSSIBLE"... by Rev. Melvin Fleming, Outreach Pastor at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church here in Indianapolis.

"MISSION:Possible! A Faith-based Mentoring Workbook is a workbook for Pastors, Christian Youth Leaders, Men's Groups, Missionary Groups and Evangelism Ministries.

The Mentoring process should not be taken lightly and this workbook is designed to meet the requirements of a structured program with staff meetings, progress notes, weekly reports, and a discharge summary. This workbook will help your group with lessons for the staff meetings, and an accountability process to evaluate the success of your program.

This workbook is an excellent tool for mentoring our troubled youth. The lessons on "Feelings", "Learning Styles," and "Where do I fit in the family" are designed to prick the hearts and mind or our youth, and make sure they do not become a part of a "lost generation."

This workbook has the flexibility to fit the urban setting or the suburban setting; saved and unsaved, rich or poor, black or white, learned and unlearned.

I, Reverend Melvin Fleming am currently the Outreach Pastor of the Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church. My parents, Deacon Thomas and Sister Mary Fleming, introduced me and my other sister and brothers, Jimmy, Marilyn, DeWayne and Eric, to Jesus Christ. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at Emmanuel in 1964, and was baptized there. My mentoring experience began in 2001 under the direction of the late Rev. Ananias Robinson and the Rev. Mel Jackson. They held a training session on Drug and Alcohol Addictions counseling at Emmanuel and my current Pastor, Rev. Darryl K. Webster encouraged me to attend My wife is Patricia Fleming and my son; Patrick has two lovely children, Tahj and Raven. We, as a family believe, "And we know, All things work together for the good, to them that love GOD, to those who are the called, according to HIS purpose" Romans 8:28. "

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Urban Projects Day Interview: Neil Hunt

We'll be running some of the mp3 interviews that Esther did on Urban Projects Day...

Here's an interview with Neil Hunt, one of the cafe's newest friends...

Listen in.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

We don't want to start rumors.... BUT....

This morning at the cafe we were discussing the distinction of 'new media' (typically user-level media... including 'bloggers') vs. 'mainstream media' (newspaper, magazines, tv, etc.). One distinction is that somewhat often, 'bloggers' will break a story even before the mainstream media picks it up. There are many classic examples. But there is also an ongoing intimation by mainstream media (MSM) that the quality or veracity of bloggers' stories should be highly suspect. In that vein of controversy, we now run the following tidbit from the cafe...

Wonder what this crush of paparazzi at the cafe are zero'ing in on???

Click to visit the cafe's collection of photos at Flicker, and see if you can figure out which one is our 'scoop' story in the making.

Disclaimer: We don't want to start rumors, but here's a hint..... [click]

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Picture Worth A Thousand Words?

Gotta love this pic, from Faith Hope & Love Week's Urban Projects Day recently at the cafe.

[click for better view - David Woodrupp & Neil Hunt]

It's like the picture of the Mona Lisa... you just never know...
  • Angry?
  • Listening carefully?
  • Stare-down contest?
  • "What are you intimating?"
  • "Why'd you take MY water?"
  • "How are we going to settle this?
  • "Now that we're all happy, how on earth are we going to reconcile OTHER believers?"
  • "Hmmm. What's our next step, Brother?"
Bottom line: Hospitality as a cross-cultural mixing place... That's one of the great elements of the Unleavened Bread Cafe. Come get to know people NOT like yourself? Care about others! Pray & plan together to make a difference in our city... on our watch.