Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday, Sept. 27th... This Is The Day...

The cafe was buzzing even more than usual... Check it out...

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Besides the several neighborhood folks that stopped in for breakfast, there were two back-to-back meetings in our community-room...
  • Over 25 ministry leaders focused on how to collaborate for COMPASSION !
  • 'Ask Anything Saturday' special training today was on 'Twitter N Prayer'... and even LIVE-casted to the internet. [thanks to Scott Wilder!]

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Special Back-to-Back Meetings Coming Saturday Morning...

This Saturday will be a lot buzzier than normal at the cafe.

At 9 am... a specially-called meeting for compassion-focused Christian churches/ministries will meet to discuss common matters... and will include ministries such as FHL International, Transform Indiana, Kairos Prison Ministries, Signs of Christ, CBMC, Front Porch Alliance. If you care greatly about our communities in the name of Christ... you'd be very welcome and blessed at this meeting.

At 10am... our special training topic this month is... "Twitter 'N Prayer" -- the point is, how do we effectively use this great new tool to connect & communicate for prayer purposes. And hey, if it works well for 'prayer', it will then also be effective for other purposes that accelerate the (whole) Great Commission... like 'care', 'share' and 'dare'. So come be with us as we brainstorm & train on the big screen.

And yeah... the best pancakes in town! *smile*

Monday, September 01, 2008

A New Blogger Comes Alive... *smile*

Nettie Lester is the newest bud on the 'Ask Anything Saturday' BEGATS TREE. Nettie is a long-time radio voice in the urban community, and now is sprouting new wings on the internet. *smile*

[God bless you, Nettie. Thank you for letting your light be seen and heard now at the speed of Light.]

Here's a rare photo of Nettie we found in our UBcafe photostream. [You know these radio-types... never wanting to be 'seen' in public. *wink*]

Angela Bolen and Nettie Lester

And now... let's go visit Nettie's new blog... "Speak Life Daily". [Congrats, Nettie... We've also added your RSS-feed to IndyChristian.TV 'Listening' section.]

"WOW!! It's September 1, 2008 and I AM ALIVE!! It's a NEW day and a NEW chance...for me to "get it right." Whatever failures I had on yesterday, being ALIVE today gives me a new opportunity. Well, if you're reading this, you KNOW that you are BLESSED!! Now I challenge you to do this: Make a list of all the people in your life and contact them, via e-mail, youtube, your website, your blog, whatever way you can. Wait a minute! Start at home, your family - spouse, children, siblings. Keep going....your neighbors, friends, enemies, classmates, employer(s), co-workers...Keep going....Now here's the CHALLENGE: Speak GOOD, not Evil; Speak BELIEF, not Doubt; Speak POSITIVE, not Negative. Speak YOU CAN, not Can't. SPEAK LIFE to each of them!! Feeling better? Remember this: "Death and Life are in the power of the tongue..." Proverbs 18:21a

[Stay tuned at Speak Life Daily]