Saturday, February 25, 2006

This morning at the cafe...

[Hey, what's this? A WEDDING reception is taking place this afternoon... for our friend Beverly. Wishing you the very best!]

We'll try to blog some more a little later, but here's one link we wanted to put up today... is an addictions program with a couple of locations right here in Indy.
We'll try to get some more info on them and perhaps include them at -- the needs-based Christian site for the city. Stay tuned.

Later... Ok, we're back... blogging another key piece of Saturday morning's 'connection & internet-training'... We added a link to a new friend who just arrived in Indy... Eric's bivocational pastor... Floyd Miles, who is... get this... an eminently qualified addictions counselor among other things. Welcome, Floyd! Hope you like Indy as much as we do.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Why do we do what we do?

Why? Because we enjoy making friends at the cafe. And because some of us are kind of geeky. LOL. So we enjoy helping our friends get a little geeky too. Well, at least enough to learn some of the basic internet skills together. Learn to find stuff you want. And importantly, learn to find WHO you want to find... ie, friends that love you too and will help find stuff, etc. And the list goes on.

But even if we helped people acquire great computers skills, or find great jobs, or learned to surf for answers about how to fix their homes so they could be warm, dry and well-fed all their life... til they died... and fell off into an eternity in hell... THAT WOULDN'T BE VERY NICE OF US !

So a big part of the answer to 'Why do we do what we do?' is....

...because many of us have received the most valuable gift known to mankind, and we're willing to 'love our neighbors as ourselves'... that is... share it with you too.

Jesus has done sooooo much for us, it wouldn't be right not to share it.

If we ourselves enjoy peace with God Almighty, now and forever.... then surely we're not REALLY loving our neighbors as ourselves if we don't pass along that 'good news'... of how you too could have eternal life.

So let me ask you... [click to continue if interested]

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Today at the cafe...

The place was buzzin' today again... a meeting going on in the back room, and doing internet training out in the front of the cafe. Another new young lady joined our networking group this morning. [Welcome Rachel!] And James & Thomas were back with us again this morning, and the normal crowd. So the group continues growing...

And that's the essence of the theme here... the more the merrier. 'Teams' and 'networks' can help people success more often than 'Lone-Rangers'.

Example: Today Rachel asked... "How could I use the internet for job-hunting... or starting a cleaning business?" A perfect question. And something that a network can help with. Thus the need to keep networking further & further.

[continue discussion at CEO -- a jobs blog]

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Hey the cafe's new video is now available via the web !

A special thanks goes out to Dave Streit, at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church. We praise God for you, Dave, and for all the fine folks at Tab who are actively involved at the cafe and other urban ministries throughout the city.

Each One, Teach One

By Neil Cox
"I may not be a poet, but I understand math."

I teach You.
You teach Somebody.
Somebody teaches Him.
Him teaches Her.
Her teaches Them.
Them teaches Who.
Who teaches Y'all.

"Y'all can teach Everybody."

Thursday, February 09, 2006

TechMission Jobs Postings

Hey here are some Job-openings at TechMission (Boston). These are the great folks that are helping Christians run urban tech centers all over the country, and they're apparently growing like crazy. Neat guys & gals. We had several of them here in Indy, running the CyberCafe at CCDA Indy 2005 -- remember?


[And don't forget -- where we're trying to help a number of folks with various different types of needs... connect to the Christian ministries that will try to help. A couple of the ministries seen there help with JOBS-related issues... such as...]

Monday, February 06, 2006


Just had to let you all know that there is a true Psalmist on the scene of today's music -
he is an Anointed man of God,
he sings of God, he sings to God --
his words & music are given by God,
and he, in turn, gives them right back to Our Heavenly Father
in Worship, Praise, and Thanksgiving!

Don't take my word for it - go out and buy these CD's:
Your Today & the Bottom Line, by David Ivey.

You will not regret it --
you will not be disappointed --
in fact, your life will be changed --
your heart will be mended --
you will be set free & made whole --
your relationship with Your Heavenly Father will be renewed and made stronger!!

Now, please -- go buy the music - then come back and thank me!
Love in Christ always!