Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pancake Crazy

[check out the latest pix in the photo-pool]

The place is CRAZY these days! Lately, Saturdays are filled to capacity. Must be Tim's pancakes -- what else could it be?

Anyway... come on down and try to figure it out for yourselves.

And watch 'Ask Anything Saturday' on a number of website channels now...
See ya at the cafe sometime soon. Bring a chair. *smile*

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Today at the cafe... "BarCamp Indy 2008" !!!

'BarCamp Indy 2008' is finally here!

Welcome. It's an 'unconference'. It's unconventional. It's unexpensive. We ARE the presenters. We make our own rules. And we pay ourselves -- ie, it's FREE!

And it's all about LEARNING from each other... about TECHNOLOGIES. We have short presentations, each followed by intense fast-paced discussion.

And it's about trying something different -- practicing our flexibility, to enhance our ability to 'innovate'.

You can see more in the wiki today. And stay tuned at

You'll see there, for instance, that we're STREAMING LIVE TODAY... and we plan to archive videos from today's presentations.

And here's the BarCampIndy2008 photo-pool, including my favorite...

Dr. Thomas Ho, 'evangelist' for the cafe's pancakes.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Saturday computing...

Nice photo, Alex (Conner) -- one of our Indy Christian Geeks... who help with the 'Ask Anything Saturday' internet-training program. Thanks Alex. [...and Ellen -- we see you down there.]

This gives people a little idea what things are like on Saturdays. Cool.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

JT brings it...

Jonathan Thomas filled some big shoes today at the cafe. The MidNorth Shepherd Center monthly luncheon group had invited former Colts lineman Tarik Glenn to come speak to them... but he fell sick and was unable to appear.

On short notice, JT came and spoke to the group... sharing his personal testimony... and the dreams instilled in him by his mother, and by His Lord.

JT's testimony reasonated loud & clear in the hearts of everyone present. The Lord is never caught off-guard, is He? JT was no last-minute substitute in the mind of the Almighty.

[more photos in today's UBcafe photo pool]

Saturday, February 02, 2008

De'Amon Harges.... today on Ask Anything Saturday TV

Today's guest on 'Ask Anything Saturday' at the cafe, was our neighborhood friend, De'Amon Harges.

Ask Anything Saturday TV is now seen at a growing number of websites...Click to see how YOU can get involved with 'Ask Anything Saturday' as a neighborhood guest, or even help us behind the scenes.