Friday, May 26, 2006

How do I upload a document to my blog?

One of our key people just asked... "How do I upload a document to my blog?" [example: a .pdf flyer for instance]

Two considerations...

  • #1. Since the document is fairly sizeable, it needs to be uploaded (somewhere) onto the web.
  • #2. Then your blog really just somehow needs to 'point' to the uploaded document, so that your readers can just click on something on your blog, to go directly to the uploaded document.

Ok, dealing with #1 -- the Uploading.

  • Upload it to WHERE? This is a biggest issue, because unfortunately, Blogger doesn't currently provide server-space somewhere to house your document. Perhaps our readers here will leave a comment re their favorite place to house documents online. And in the near future, we're working on a solution, especially with 'SimDesk' (, sponsors of our upcoming 'Urban Tech Day'. But right this moment, there IS NO good answer, other than our standard response... "Ya gotta KNOW somebody" (who's got server space and are willing to help you).

    But then, that's a pretty good affirmation to our basic philosophy at UBbloggin -- "It's not WHAT you know, so much as it is WHO you know... and thus our focus on building great relationships... for this life... and the life to come."

    Ok, fortunately... you know ME. And I've got (some amount of) space on the server, and am willing to help those who collaborate well in the cause of Christ. Email me your document and I'll see what I can do.

    And for those of you now coming aboard BEHIND the scenes via there's an ability to attach your files to an entry there inside CC. But the neat part is that the attachment can be seen PUBLICALLY... by anyone. And that's the way I cured this person's issue. I attached it to a blog-entry inside [read on]

Now... dealing with consideration #2... what to do at your blog, to 'point' to the now-uploaded document?

  • The easiest way is just write a phrase and hyperlink it to the document. Example... "Click here for detailed diagram".
  • But personally, I often prefer creating a little teaser pic of some kind to add a little pizazz... and hyperlink the PIC so it'll take folks to the diagram document when anyone clicks it. Creating a little thumbnail pic of the larger document or picture... is a separate issue... for another day though. Stay tuned here at


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Technology Education Vehicle

[Gerald/Damita... Wanna put in a requisition for one of these?]

"The Orange County Rescue Mission is committed to providing long-term solutions to homeless and impoverished families who desire to change their lives.

[continued at Blews.Network]

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Yes, it's that time again!
Time to outfit our young men to play some football, instead of trouble. A friend of the Cafe, Gerald Alexander, has taken on the big job of coaching some neighborhood kids on the Eastside of Indy - but he is a Big guy & we know he can handle it. He already has 2 teams, of 14-18 players, 9-11 years old.

These are kids from single family & low income homes, so they are in desperate need of uniforms & equipment. So we are sending out this plea for your help in outfitting these little guys so they can have some fun, learn some discipline, and have an alternative to the gangs & streets!

They begin practice in June, with their 1st game coming in August. They are in need of the following: Helmets, cleats, mouthpieces, pads, cups, balls, jerseys, shoes, etc.

Anything you can bless them with would be greatly appreciated. Or if you know of someone who would like to sponsor a team, please contact Gerald Alexander @ 412-8382.

Thanks in advance & be Blessed!