Friday, October 13, 2006

Sacking Hunger

Here’s another opportunity to help those in need this coming Thanksgiving. Please help us those who may fall through the cracks this season. Know anyone who could use some help?
Thousands of families in Indy are deprived of typical Thanksgiving Dinner.
Faith, Hope and Love (FHL) is partnering with Helping Hands, Save the Youth, Shepherd Community and several other organizations and churches to collect “Sacks of Groceries”. The sack would include:
2 cans of green beans
1 jar of applesauce
Bread Rolls
2 cans of corn
1 packet of noodles
2 cans of sweet potatoes
1 box of instant potatoes
Pudding2 cans of cranberry sauce
1 box of stuffing
Brown Sugar
2 packets of brown gravy mix
1 bag of marshmallows
Paper Products
Collections dates, time and sites are:
November 6 - 17 (Mon-Fri) 8am to 4pm at Save the Youth (STY) building at 1701 N. Trumbull, 317-923-5642; (Mon-Fri) 10am to 4pm at the Vineyard Community Church at 8383 Craig St. Ste. 185, 317-842-3510 and Bethel Lutheran Church at 20650 Cumberland Rd. Noblesville, IN 46062 317-773-4315. Grocery packages will be delivered through the help of organizations who are strategically located around metropolitan Indianapolis to reach those who may fall through the crack.
There will be Thanksgiving Dinner at Save the Youth building on November 21 at 6:00pm. Please provide Macaroni & Cheese in large packages, turkey, paper plates, cups and plastic utensils. Your donation of $20 will feed 4 persons; $15 will buy a frozen turkey; $55 will provide complete groceries for a family. Please make your check payable to Faith, Hope and Love and mail it to: 5730 Bruce Blvd. Noblesville, IN 46062.

Please contact FHL to find out how you can volunteer in this Community Thanksgiving Outreach.
FHL is also partnering with different organizations such as 93.9 The Song, the local government, schools, churches and businesses to provide opportunities to the public to “Sack Hunger” together.

Merlin Gonzales

No vote on disputed bar

[Here's an article from the cafe neighborhood... from the Indianapolis Star]

Thursday night's Mapleton-Fall Creek Neighborhood Association meeting had all the makings of a showdown -- tension, wildly divergent opinions, businessmen with money at stake

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Free Hugs

[Just like Sister Elease's 'Jesus Hugs' at the cafe!]