Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MidNorth Church Council... and Food Pantry

I'll be doing a presentation for the MidNorth Church Council, taking them on a surfing tour of some great things going in the urban ministry world... and notably right here in this particular neighborhood via the cafe.

So I thought I'd quickly blog a note or two here so that our cafe friends also get to know more about the council... its goals... and about the Food Pantry.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bishop Madison visits the cafe

Bishop Madison

Thanks to our friend Pastor David Scott, this morning we were able to meet and talk with Bishop Madison, from Propetic Utterance Ministry here in Indianapolis.

His ministry is at 6433 E. Washington St., Ste 195....

and his mission is... To feed the homeless and those in need in our area, food and the Gospel and prayer to encourage those in need.


And how funny is this... (God's funny, is He not?).... When I met him at the cafe, I said... "Oh sure, I know you... You're H.T.'s pastor, right? [H.T. is a new friend I met through my many Christian connections around the city.] So of course, Bishop Madison was shocked that I would know his congregation member.... especially since H.T. is a special member... having come to Indy (because of the Bishop)... having previously been a Katrina victim.

[It's all about connecting the Church back together again, is it not?]

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Chaotic Christians Podcast... coming to cafe... Feb. 3rd

LOLLLLL. This ought to be fun -- Scott & Alex from the 'Chaotic Christians' podcast, originating from Martinsville, will be visiting with us to podcast live from the Unleavened Bread Cafe on Feb. 3rd, as we do the "So Ya Wanna Be In Pictures?" seminar.

Come meet them, and see why they call themselves 'chaotic' !

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

UBcafe 'group'... at

The TechMission group at the cafe has started a Flickr-group where cafe groupies can see the private pictures from the cafe.

Btw, if you haven't had your picture made 'at the banner'... don't get left out -- plan to be with us on our special "So You Want To Be In Pictures" training-day at the cafe... Feb. 3rd.

[Visit the UBcafe Flickr-group]