Friday, January 28, 2005

Thursday, January 27, 2005

School building needed....

Please contact Darwin Burks, International Praise and Worship Center,at or 1-317-201-5773 if you have any information on a school building available in Indianapolis or surrounding areas. This is an international ministry that wiuld like to open a school for all ages. If you have questions about this ministry please contact Darwin Burks, minsitry leader. "

Posted by Missionary Connection.

Accepting donations...

Missionary Connection is now accepting donations for computers,software,hardware,cell phones,medical supplies,cars,trucks,semis,buses,VCR's and monitors to be shipped over seas and to be used here in the USA for missionary needs in the USA and abroad. Financial donations are also being accepted for shipping cost and direct donation to missionaries in need. For a comprehensive list of the needs and the missionaries that financial support will be going to,please contact Becki Jenkins,director at 317-471-0156 or When e-mailing please identify in the subject: Missionary needs. Thank you and may G-ds peace be upon you! "

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Pastor B Bloggin....

Pastor Andrew Hunt, III

Oh my, what HAVE we done??????

This pastor dropped by the cafe yesterday, and now has the potential for citywide, statewide (worldwide, even) impact ! [for free? is this a great new paradigm or what!]

Check out his new blog-site, and see his first article there... "Mitch is worth the switch!"

Mercy... U.B. Codin'...

Some of our trainees were so smart yesterday, they already jumped ahead, surfed to and started a blog of their own... and now they're asking questions about the blog coding.

Why? So you can do some things that you may not be able to do otherwise, as just the 'normal' blogger. Like add links in the side-bar, to all your friends. And adding pictures to your blog.

[The 'coding' of blog pages is found in the 'template' tabbed-section. And it's not as spooky as it looks when you spend a few minutes looking down through it. Try to find some things you recognize.... For instance, lots of Blogger webpages contain a section called "Previous Posts"... so you might look for that, to get your bearings a little bit. Try experimenting just a little -- change it to say "Recent Posts". Then preview what you've done by using the PREVIEW button. And when you're happy with it so far, SAVE your newly-modified template. Easy, right?]

Here's what I call "night burglary programming" -- learn to do things to your webpage by checking out how other folks do it, and cut/pasting their code... into your webpage's "template" (the part with all the programming code).

Example: Go look at how lists all their friends (Indy Bloggers section of their navbar).

To see the code, when you're using MS Internet Explorer, just look up at your browser's menu bar and click on View -- Source. Here's the section of their source-code we might want to cut/paste into OUR template...


<h2 class="sidebar-title">Who's Who - Indy Bloggers?</h2>

<ul id="recently">

<li><a href="">Neil Cox,</a></li>

<li><a href="">Becki Jenkins, Missionary Connection</a></li>

<li><a href="">Bill Bean, Unnecessary Pastor</a></li>

<li><a href="">Brian Groce, Tech</a></li>

<li><a href="">Josh Claybourn, In The Agora</a></li>

<li><a href="">Justin Young, Chinese Church</a></li>

<li><a href="">John Hay, Bike Hiker, Pastor</a></li>

<li><a href="">"U B Bloggin"</a></li>

<li><a href=""></a></li>

<li><a href="">Pastor Andrew Hunt, III</a></li>

<li><a href="">Noah Kersey, Lifecare Counseling</a></li>

<li><a href=" Add me to Indy Bloggers?">Add me to Indy Bloggers?</a></li>



Y'know... If a person simply knew <WHY ALL THE BRACKETS?>... we'd be well on our way to modifying the code to use it ourselves at any website, right?

I found out that the coding inside of brackets are called 'tags'. Using my 'night burglary' method of coding, I found I didn't need to understand them to be able to use them. I just experimented and watched to see what happened when I used certain ones.

Example: That very first one... <h2> seems to be the header-tag that prints stuff real big.

And importantly, I found that when we 'open a tag', we also have to later 'close a tag' using the slash mark... example </h2>. Apparently that tells the program to STOP making big header-styled fonts.

Pretty simple, once I knew that.

Oh, and it also helped to know that all the indented space or white blank areas between lines of code just don't matter. Apparently programmers just write code that way to make it a little simpler for themselves to read and not get lost in all the goobledygock coding.

So go look at the code above and notice the 'opening tags' and their corresponding 'closer tags' (with the slash). See how they match up?

Everything else in between you can pretty much figure out what it does, by experimenting. Say change the names of their blogging friends, to YOUR blogging friends. And change the URL's of their friends' web-addresses, to YOUR friends' web addresses. That would be easy enough, right? Just cut/pasting from their programming-source-code to our blog template.

Question is... where, within our template's code, do we do this?
Answer... Just look down through the template coding til you see something you recognize... say the "Previous Posts" header. So you may want to insert your new code before that section.

[Tip: When I experiment, I just change a little at a time and then PREVIEW it to see how it comes out. And then after I'm comfortable with what I've done so far, I SAVE the template.]

Want more tips & tricks for playing in the code? Check out "Oh Yeah, U.B. Connectin' "

Now for sure... U.B. Bloggin'.....

It's not just the name of our site, it's one of the newest, most important things we train folks on. Why? Because suddenly, blogging gives the average everyday person the ability to get what's important to them... out onto the net, just like everyone else. It's having your own webpage... with the easy ability to post new stuff all the time... and the ability to link to your friends... create your own blog network for impact. No special skills needed. No cash needed. Just enthusiasm. **smile**

And it's not 'what you know' as much as it is... 'WHO you know'. It's a relational bunch, these bloggers. And they help each other learn more and accomplish more.

Bottom Line: Blogging is a free & easy publishing/learning system which creates new networking opportunities and uniquely impacts the new culture in which we live!

"Blogging is not about a web-SITE; it's about a web-STRATEGY."

Still need more proof that it's important and is becoming increasingly so? Read "Why Blog? Top 50 Reasons"

How to blog? Where to blog? We'll show folks that on Saturday mornings at 10am til noon -- so y'all come.

Here are some helpful tips for now:

  • 'Blog' generally refers to the blog SITE... example: "U. B. Bloggin".
  • The URL of a blog might be something like...
  • A particular 'post' at a blogsite refers to a specific entry on a given day. Example: today's post..."Now for sure U.B. Bloggin' ".
  • If there are 8 million blogs (as reported this month by the Pew Internet & American Life Project), then there are probably 8 million different ways to do a blog. So get crazy -- don't limit your thinking; there's no particular rules about blogging. Just know that anyone can see them, so don't slander anyone or embarrass your employer, etc. Bloggers have been fired already... hello courtroom!
  • is a free & easy place to create your own blog. Don't get distracted by the fact that when you do use to create/edit your blog, your resulting blog will be located on their 'blogspot' server... so it'll have a name like
  • Keep reading regularly -- we'll continue posting helpful tips, such as... Hyperlinks... Picture Bloggin' ... RSS... Aggregators... How to add links, do html-coding & edit your template... etc.

And here's a great (Christian) site that will be very helpful to learn more...

Orangejack Blogging University

Friday, January 21, 2005

U B Learnin'...

Welcome. Come on in. Enjoy. Learn. Help others. Have fun...

The heart of our "Surfin' Saturdays" computer training time together at the cafe will be relationship building -- making friends over coffee & keyboards... and sharing what we learned from someone else... with someone else.

Our goals for our informal time together, are simple: To develop the 3 basic capabilities of the internet... in just 3 weeks. Unbelievable? See for yourself as you come help?

  • "U. B. Surfin" -- Gotta learn to surf the net, to know how to start finding important information, and to learn whatever you want to learn in life.
  • "U. B. Emailin" -- Gotta get yourself a free email account, learn to email, and avoid the pitfalls.
  • "U. B. Bloggin" -- Gotta learn to post something out where anyone can get to it from anywhere in the world... in order to hook-up with others and to impact people for the common good. In just one lesson, participants will get their own blog & automatic RSS feed... for free. And learn why that's important.

Each one, teach one: Although our Saturday training is free, trainees are obligated to train someone else in the coming weeks. So after 3 more sessions -- now as trainers themselves -- they will be considered for adding to our common neighborhood blog here... "U.B. bloggin". Stay tuned -- we'll be posting their pics & links to THEIR new blog-sites!

And in case you ever wonder 'Why?': Why would anyone take their time, talents and treasure to build these relationships and programs to help other people... the reason is simple: Jesus has loved us so much, forgiven us of much, and He extends His offer to everyone to enjoy life now and forevermore; how could we not want to share that good news with others and in turn share love & help others as we've been loved & helped in so many ways. [continue at]

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Who's Who For Breakfast?

Eric Swanson

When Swanson gets tired of eating tv dinners, where does he come to eat? The cafe, of course!Just kidding, wrong 'Swanson'. This 'Swanson' is Eric Swanson, as in "10 Paradigm Shifts For Community Transformation".

Thanks to the Center for Congregations, Eric is coming to Indy to conduct a two day seminar January 28-29 -- "The Externally-focused Church" -- and will be having breakfast here at the cafe on the 29th at 7am, along with several other friends involved in "Transform Indiana". If you're interested in community transformation, come listen in.

Continue reading about Eric at

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Surfin' Saturday....

Starts this Saturday -- and then EVERY Saturday -- 10am til noon at the cafe.

We have volunteers that will be helping folks for free, to learn to surf, email and even publish online!

We say we're 'crossing the 3 great divides'...
  • digital divide
  • multi-ethnic divide
  • and God's eternal divide.

Come join us... to learn... and then help someone else do whatever you know how to do.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Welcome... Come on in and make yourself at home...

Hi. Welcome to the neighborhood blog... coming to you from the Unleavened Bread Cafe -- 'Food for the Stomach & Soul'.

[Wanna watch the video?]

We hope you'll find it's a good way to get to know us... and also keep up with what all is going on in the cafe neighborhood here in the 'heart' of Indy... at the corner of 30th & Central.

The cafe is a lot like 'Cheers' -- everybody knows your name... so stop by anytime, get a hug and let us get to know you too.

Elease Womack is the proprietoress -- we just call her 'Mother-of-the-hood'. **smile** And she's never too busy to give you a hug and welcome you to the cafe.

The cafe is a work of grace: a ministry to the neighborhood -- faith expressing itself in love.

The cafe blog here online will introduce you to a number of our other people... especially those who have become part of the urban tech-training offered here at the cafe. Btw, a special thanks to those of you who specially help fund the wireless internet here at the cafe so we can provide this site and this training. It's important that our neighborhood folks have access & involvement on the information highway. And we've found it's equally important that everyone have friends & fun as we help each other learn the necessary skills.

We say that "Surfin' Saturdays" are to help people cross the '3 great divides'... the digital divide... the multicultural divide... and God's eternal divide.

Ok, it's time to get started -- and you can participate too. Stop by "Surfin' Saturdays" (any Saturday from 10am til noon) to surf & learn along with us for FREE.

Until then, may God specially bless you... and those you love. And if you just can't wait to find out how very much He loves you, then click here and let us share Him with you... so you can know for sure that you have eternal life... that is, enjoy peace with God now &amp;amp; forever & ever.