Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Works Indiana... Visits The Cafe...

Just a quick 'hi' and note of thanks (more later)... to Ike Randolph... he's blogging about Channel 13 TV's video-coverage of good things like the cafe. (See the TV-13 video below...)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

In The House Today...

A number of 'tweeps' showed up today for a 'tweetup' -- don't ask. LOL. We heard 'names' like...
...and a girl named Tabby who has a dog named Bruce.
...and a guy named Bruce who has a cat named Tabby. Go figure.

We discussed how Twitter, Facebook and other social-networking sites can help missions and global awareness in general.... eg. the recent Mumbai story... being reported minute by minute among tweeters onsite at the hotels under seige.


Betty Robinson

[Visit the UBcafe's photostream.]

We also met a number of cafe friends & neighbors... and got to know Betty, a longtime friend of Sister Elease. By the time we were done, not only had Betty learned to get online and surf... but she also was able to make a purchase at an online printing store.

And this is what 'Ask Anything Saturday' is all about -- HOSPITALITY... pancakes & wifi -- meeting new people and helping each other learn more via the information highway and how we can all help change lives & communities.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tweetup at the cafe... Nov. 29... 9am

Just a quick heads-up... re the tweetup... stay tuned HERE. *smile*

Got no idea what Twitter is, or how it could be used to expedite missions work? Come join us Sat. November 29th... 9am at the cafe. Listen in. Everyone's welcome.

Maybe even go get a (free) ID at and start connecting with other tweeters. And hey, just in case you don't think it's not biblical... think again. Jesus said it first...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ask Anything Saturday... PowerPoint on the Web

One of the folks we assisted at the cafe on Saturday, was Pastor Ralph Parrott. He had the same issue that many of us had faced at one time or another -- getting a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to someone else. And in a format they could view -- after all, not everyone has paid to have the Microsoft product installed on their computer.

Note: This may be especially true in the Christian community because Microsoft specifically EXCLUDES 'religious' organizations from receiving their deepest discounts offered to other nonprofits.

Solution: Upload your presentation to a great new site on the web... There, anyone can view it... free & easy. Moreover, because the site offers Web2.0 type functionality, Ralph's presentation can easily be 'embedded' elsewhere around the web. In fact, we've embedded it right here in our blog-post below...

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by 1324


You can do it too. Just surf to and sign up for a free ID there. Upload one or more of your .ppt files. And let us know your ID at AuthorStream so we can check out your handiwork.

That's just one small example of what we do every Saturday morning at 10am -- we just get together and share what we can learn from each other that helps us better accomplish our goals here in Indy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday, Sept. 27th... This Is The Day...

The cafe was buzzing even more than usual... Check it out...

Add IndyChristian.TV

Besides the several neighborhood folks that stopped in for breakfast, there were two back-to-back meetings in our community-room...
  • Over 25 ministry leaders focused on how to collaborate for COMPASSION !
  • 'Ask Anything Saturday' special training today was on 'Twitter N Prayer'... and even LIVE-casted to the internet. [thanks to Scott Wilder!]

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Special Back-to-Back Meetings Coming Saturday Morning...

This Saturday will be a lot buzzier than normal at the cafe.

At 9 am... a specially-called meeting for compassion-focused Christian churches/ministries will meet to discuss common matters... and will include ministries such as FHL International, Transform Indiana, Kairos Prison Ministries, Signs of Christ, CBMC, Front Porch Alliance. If you care greatly about our communities in the name of Christ... you'd be very welcome and blessed at this meeting.

At 10am... our special training topic this month is... "Twitter 'N Prayer" -- the point is, how do we effectively use this great new tool to connect & communicate for prayer purposes. And hey, if it works well for 'prayer', it will then also be effective for other purposes that accelerate the (whole) Great Commission... like 'care', 'share' and 'dare'. So come be with us as we brainstorm & train on the big screen.

And yeah... the best pancakes in town! *smile*

Monday, September 01, 2008

A New Blogger Comes Alive... *smile*

Nettie Lester is the newest bud on the 'Ask Anything Saturday' BEGATS TREE. Nettie is a long-time radio voice in the urban community, and now is sprouting new wings on the internet. *smile*

[God bless you, Nettie. Thank you for letting your light be seen and heard now at the speed of Light.]

Here's a rare photo of Nettie we found in our UBcafe photostream. [You know these radio-types... never wanting to be 'seen' in public. *wink*]

Angela Bolen and Nettie Lester

And now... let's go visit Nettie's new blog... "Speak Life Daily". [Congrats, Nettie... We've also added your RSS-feed to IndyChristian.TV 'Listening' section.]

"WOW!! It's September 1, 2008 and I AM ALIVE!! It's a NEW day and a NEW chance...for me to "get it right." Whatever failures I had on yesterday, being ALIVE today gives me a new opportunity. Well, if you're reading this, you KNOW that you are BLESSED!! Now I challenge you to do this: Make a list of all the people in your life and contact them, via e-mail, youtube, your website, your blog, whatever way you can. Wait a minute! Start at home, your family - spouse, children, siblings. Keep going....your neighbors, friends, enemies, classmates, employer(s), co-workers...Keep going....Now here's the CHALLENGE: Speak GOOD, not Evil; Speak BELIEF, not Doubt; Speak POSITIVE, not Negative. Speak YOU CAN, not Can't. SPEAK LIFE to each of them!! Feeling better? Remember this: "Death and Life are in the power of the tongue..." Proverbs 18:21a

[Stay tuned at Speak Life Daily]

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Guess Who?

Click to zoom in.

One of our cafe regulars... but who?

Leave a comment below, with your best guess.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Join Us On Facebook Now !

It was inevitable, right? LOL

I mean, c'mon, the cafe IS Facebook in the REAL world... with PANCAKES!!!

Ok, so let's use Facebook to help accomplish the mission... by networking there at the speed of Light, to extend the cafe impact.

And if you believe in the cafe mission in the neighborhood, invite your friends to come have coffee & pancakes (or whatever)... and get a FREE HUG from Sister Elease.

What? You don't know the cafe's mission in the neighborhood?


'UBcafe' tags

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Today at the Cafe

The place was HOPPIN this morning at the UBCafe! David Metzger brought in his friend Margie and her sister Lena to enjoy the city's best breakfast. Christine Hurns also visited with her mother Chris, already a regular at UBCafe.

David & Sisters

Christine Hurns Lil

[Ed. Note... Christine shared with us that she's in one of her church's worship-dance videos now posted at YouTube. So we quickly added that video to the IndyChristian 'community tv' player. And here's a direct link to it.]

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ike Randolph... Special Presenter of Certificates at VBS Program

Click to see VBS photos

The governor's Director of Faith Based and Community Initiatives, Mr. Isaac 'Ike' Randolph, was a special guest at the cafe Friday evening.

He presented each of the VBS completers a certificate of achievement from the Greater Faith House of Prayer (Church) -- led by Pastor Joe and Lady Gail Reaves.

The church's Vacation Bible School program was aligned with 'Faith Hope & Love Week' here in Indy & Indiana... as officially proclaimed by the governor and various mayors throughout the state.

[See VBS photos]

[And here's Ike's 'Good Works' blog-post after visiting with us -- thank you again, Ike. May God bless you richly.]

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Student Venture... Doing Faith Hope & Love in the Cafe Neighborhood

Photo-stream from today, during Faith Hope & Love Week in Indy. Today Student Venture ministry came to the urban section to participate... and then have lunch at the Unleavened Bread Cafe.

[For more news & events, tune in at IndyChristian.TV.]

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

UBcafe Featured nationally on KLOVE (90.5 FM)

[ht: Linn Asbury and Abby Strader. Thanks!]

We praise God for this great opportunity to be able to share the cafe's ministry model with other cities who might be equally anxious to help transform lives & communities.

[Listen in to the recent national KLOVE broadcast, featuring the cafe ministry.]

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ellen: 'Nothing Is Too Small...'

[This is from Ellen, whom you all know via the cafe...]

I have been going through a passage of maturity just lately. A very ominous, daunting, dark and narrow pass threatened me just this last weekend.

I have been taking part in an inter-city mission that I had been called two "accidentally" for over two years. "Ask Anything Saturday" is conducted at the Unleavened Bread Cafe in the heart of Indianapolis. This mission-field is one in which some of us Christians implant ourselves into an otherwise unfamiliar culture to be used to show the love of Christ in practical ways.

The overall objective is to be available to introduce anyone who comes in off the street to the basics of using computers. So much of our society today involves the World Wide Web for developing job skills, applying for jobs, conducting research and getting to the information in a fraction of the time it used to take. Even more exciting, is the opportunity to make new friendships and network across many physical boundaries.

The internet has allowed us to cross racial, economical, cultural and educational boundaries. There are tutorials that help the newbies start out on this new adventure called the Internet. There are still some accessibility issues, especially for the aged and the economically strained. However, thanks to Public Libraries, schools, and now other social gathering computer cafe's, this boundary too, is being torn down.

Since I consider myself a "Walmart Missionary"...

[continued at Ellen's Journey]

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

'Can I Go Home Again?'

"Can I go home again?"... the compelling question of 18,000 prisoners released each year from Indiana Department of Corrections.

Dan Gushee shared his personal testimony about that very question today at the MidNorth Shepherd Center's monthly luncheon at the cafe.

Dan is the founder of 'Grace Place'... an ex-offender 're-entry' housing ministry.

Here's a video by 'Choices Team' featuring Dan and one of his guys, Buddy, illustrating the value of a faith-based small-group becoming a 'care team' for a prisoner returning to the community.

'Mother Moore' gave devotions today in standard form -- if you've never been at the cafe to hear her, you MUST mark your calendar for the 1st Tues of a month, 10:30am, and come sit in.

[slide-show from today's photo-pool]

Saturday, June 21, 2008

DeVos Conversation at the Cafe

Dian Foreman, Brian Walls, Chris Provence

I thought this would be a fun pic...
Actually, these 3 are among the DeVos Urban Leadership graduates here in Indy -- great youth-leaders you'd want to know for sure.

More photos from the cafe photo-pool.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ex-offender Re-entry Townhall...

[story & photos from]

Indiana Department of Corrections Commissioner David Donahue called a 'townhall meeting' last night on the campus of Martin University, to discuss Ex-offender Re-entry programs in our community.

The numbers are staggering... $1.3 Billion dollars are spent every 24 months for keeping prisoners in the state system. And their headcounts are growing at a rate of 4% annually.

During 2008, more than 5,000 IDOC prisoners will return to Marion County alone. Without a job and accountability structures, a very high percentage will return to the very habits that helped get them into prison in the first place. And not surprisingly, a very high percentage will return again to prison. Unless we help.

Alternatively, according to Commissioner Donahue, $80 million could be saved annually with just a 5% reduction in recidivism (rate of ex-offenders returning to prison).

Ok, so where's the Church as part of the solution? Are we willing to step up and be the redemptive agents that Jesus called us to be in the world? A number of our people are. Here's the wiki-page we're compiling of all the prison-related ministries serving our area.

Here are some examples...

Mike Boler, Dan Gushee, Steve Shoup, Bob Irvin

One of our cafe friends (and board member), Dan Gushee, provides housing for ex-offenders. More than just housing though, he helps guys be accountable... and discipled... as they return to the community.

It was fun to introduce Dan to another friend last night, Bob Irvin, who's leads a men's Read-Thru-The-Bible group in Carmel and is involved in the Kairos prison ministry (not to mention serving as a board member for Faith Hope & Love ). Bob is now working to build a micro-loan mechanism whereby we can help ex-offenders start a small business.

I hope you can begin to imagine how hard it is for ex-offenders to find a 'real' job. But becoming a small business owner... ie, provider of services such as landscaping, tree-trimming, etc. may well be a more reasonable possibility... with a little help. Bob told us of a guy who had been ministered to by the Kairos ministry, now released and working hard to restart his work life, by cutting down trees... with a handsaw. The proposed micro-loan fund would help obtain a $7,000 small-business loan to make it possible to buy a used truck, wood-chipper and chain-saws. Maybe even put some other guys to work with him as the business grows.

What might you or your church be able to do?

[Photo slide-show from last night's Townhall Meeting]


More photos from Don Hawkins...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Biking Birthday in the Neighborhood? Yep. June 7th

June 7th... at Tab Park. Click for details. And hey, check it out,

Btw, what do you get a bike for its birthday? Nancy got hers a BLOG !!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

And the wall comes tumbling down...

photo by Ellen5e

The wall of the building adjoining the cafe came tumbling down today, and out into the street.

[continued at the Indianapolis Star]

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chelsea Clinton Visits The Cafe

[Much thanks for photos by Alex Conner]

Judy O'Bannon & Chelsea Clinton

Former 'First Daughter', Chelsea Clinton, came to the cafe yesterday while on the campaign trail for Senator Hillary Clinton. She was accompanied by Mrs. Judy O'Bannon -- former first lady of Indiana.

Pastor David Scott & Chelsea

Chelsea's visit came on short notice, and of course was warmly welcomed by everyone -- a hallmark at the cafe... Christ-like warmth & hospitality.

Mrs. O'Bannon & Neil Cox

Chelsea and Sister Elease Womack

Mrs. O'Bannon and Ms. Clinton were greeted by Sister Elease Womack, the cafe ministry leader. And they made the rounds throughout the cafe, stopping and talking with cafe regulars who were on-hand.

Chris Smith & Chelsea

And of course, many photos were taken 'at the banner'. After all, surely you wouldn't travel all the way to Indy and NOT get your photo taken at the banner, would you? *wink*

Jennifer O'Bannon & Ellen Spencer

Another 'First Daughter' was also on-hand... Jennifer... daughter of the late Gov. Frank O'Bannon.

Rosie & Viola

Many beloved friends of the cafe were also enjoying the occasion. And as is our tradition, getting your picture made 'at the banner' is just another way we can honor our neighbors and friends, as we strive to get to know each other quickly.

The cafe photo-pool now contains over 900 such pictures... with a promise of many more to come, should the Lord tarry.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Video: 'Have You Heard?'

Catch the vision: If you look across the citywide 'Church @ Indianapolis' and see the digital divide, the multicultural divide, and God's eternal divide... all starting to close... you might be seeing just a little of the impact of this little cafe truly in the heart of Indy...

Reggie Edwards: "What am I good for?"

It's a lot of fun as you can see from the video. In this particular case... [continued at]

[ht: "" -- Catching others doing great stuff.]

Friday, April 11, 2008

Vision Dinner Video

Great thanks to our volunteer techs for providing clips from the recent 'Vision Dinner'. Stay tuned at AskAnythingSaturday.TV for more...

Sunday, April 06, 2008

More friends at the cafe....

As always, we all met a lot of new people Saturday at the cafe. And one particularly neat introduction was Manuel Apraez, from MY neighborhood in Carmel...

Manuel Apraez and Eric Yateman

[other recent items from the cafe photo-pool]

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Great crowd, great pix...

[click to zoom]

Gotta love the cafe, especially Saturday mornings during Ask Anything Saturday. It's a great mix of folks, coming together for a variety of reasons.

And how cool to be able to enjoy all of AlxConn's slide-show. [Thanks Alex!]

Monday, March 24, 2008

The IRS wants our help... Economic Stimulus FAQs

Economic Stimulus Payments Information Center

( Updated March 17, 2008

Starting in May, the Treasury will begin sending economic stimulus payments to more than 130 million households. To receive a payment, taxpayers must have a valid Social Security number, $3,000 of income and file a 2007 federal tax return. IRS will take care of the rest. Eligible people will receive up to $600 ($1,200 for married couples), and parents will receive an additional $300 for each eligible child younger than 17. Millions of retirees, disabled veterans and low-wage workers who usually are exempt from filing a tax return must do so this year in order to receive a stimulus payment.

But there are more details to know... [continued at]

Saturday, March 22, 2008

In the house... 'Fun' was the special of the day.

Another great day at the cafe. The place was jammed. And jammin'. LOL

I met one of my 'Facebook friends'... Dian Foreman... for the first time today at the cafe. Dian is coordinating the RELOAD conference that several of us will be involved in, coming up in April. With her was another new friend made today, Jeffrey Cole.

Here's another Facebook friend... with a friend... having entirely too much fun. *smile*

Yeah, you can see... things almost got out of hand, people were all enjoying cafe time. These folks came all the way from Colorado Springs to be with us. Well, sorta. *wink*

And there's always gotta be an 'actor' in the crowd, right?

...and many more fun pix today in the cafe's photo-pool.

Be with us next week?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Marion Harcourt honored as Social Worker of the Year

We just received news today that our cafe friend, Marion Harcourt, was recently honored by her profession...

Many of you know Marion as she comes with her grandson, Ben, who serves at the cafe from time to time.

Congratulations Marion !!!

[And here's an article in Hamilton County.]

Sunday, March 02, 2008

'Ask Anything Saturday' Training Takes Another Step

We were gifted with a new little video camcorder this week which now will allow us to start the video training we've been wanting to do.

And how cool it was, to be able to let today's young 'trainees' follow some pros who were in the house today. "Just watch what these guys do, and do what they do."

[Thanks Jonathan & Chris for loaning your giftedness to God's service here.]

But remember, all our various lessons here 'cost a million dollars'... unless you in turn train someone else about what you've learned. Then we call it even. That's our 'Each One, Teach One' strategy.

Here's Reggie Edwards -- one of our guys who participated in the podcast we did this past week at the Mid-North Shepherd Center. So he came down today to get some help learning to EDIT video... so he can help folks at the center learn to do video.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

In the house today... families and a wrecking crew

There was certainly a wide variety of folks in the cafe today...

Josh & Joanna Kennedy and their girls came all the way from Sheridan. Josh is the pastor at Christ Community Church there, where our tech-wizard/friend Scott Wilder participates as worship leader.

And former Colts (SuperBowl) lineman, Tarik Glenn and some of his family were also in the house. Tarik & Maya are highly invested in the neighborhood, especially as pertains to youth programs. Visit Dream Alive, Inc (youth mentoring), for instance.

And then there's the wrecking crew today... LOL...

And none of these pictures would be available but for our resident photographer & tech-director of (several of) our 'Ask Anything Saturday TV' shows.... Alex Conner.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pancake Crazy

[check out the latest pix in the photo-pool]

The place is CRAZY these days! Lately, Saturdays are filled to capacity. Must be Tim's pancakes -- what else could it be?

Anyway... come on down and try to figure it out for yourselves.

And watch 'Ask Anything Saturday' on a number of website channels now...
See ya at the cafe sometime soon. Bring a chair. *smile*

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Today at the cafe... "BarCamp Indy 2008" !!!

'BarCamp Indy 2008' is finally here!

Welcome. It's an 'unconference'. It's unconventional. It's unexpensive. We ARE the presenters. We make our own rules. And we pay ourselves -- ie, it's FREE!

And it's all about LEARNING from each other... about TECHNOLOGIES. We have short presentations, each followed by intense fast-paced discussion.

And it's about trying something different -- practicing our flexibility, to enhance our ability to 'innovate'.

You can see more in the wiki today. And stay tuned at

You'll see there, for instance, that we're STREAMING LIVE TODAY... and we plan to archive videos from today's presentations.

And here's the BarCampIndy2008 photo-pool, including my favorite...

Dr. Thomas Ho, 'evangelist' for the cafe's pancakes.