Thursday, October 01, 2009

Faith Hope & Love Mobile Food Pantry Visits The Neighborhood


Learn more about Faith Hope & Love's collaborative approach to citywide ministry... at Or follow @FHLintrntnl on Twitter.

Learn more about ministry in the UBcafe neighborhood by regularly visiting Or better yet, come on down for pancakes and a hug from Sister Elease... at 30th x Central.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Janet Gilmore, Cafe Friend Now Active in California...

[per press release...]

Janet Gilmore, the past-President of Mount Rubidoux Manor Senior Retirement, is the co-chair for the first "Greater Riverside Senior Conference" to be held in White Park in Riverside, CA. The Conference theme is "Seniors giving the gift of green to their grandchildren and great grandchildren." and will be an informational and educational conference inviting all seniors to join the war against global warming.

Ms.Gilmore resided in Indianapolis and was a long time member of Tabernacle Presbyterian Church where she sat on the Community Outreach Committee, workied faithfully in supporting the Thursday night Family Gathering, edited one of the Radio Shows, and assisted with many other functions. Ms. Gilmore also was a friend, benefactor, and somtimes employee at the Unleavened Bread Cafe at 30th and Central which has been the center of Mapleton/Fallcreek neighborhood for several years.

Ms.Gilmore's favorite project in Riverside is her partnership with La Sierra University's Service/Learning Program which requires students to put in (3) seven week periods and two hours per week doing community service. Ms. Gilmore coordinates pairing up the students with a senior at Mount Rubidoux Manor. There is always a specific question, topic or paper to write that is collaborated between student and senior. Strong bonds are formed and a reception for all is held at the end of each period.

Ms.Gilmore also sits on the Coalition Board for Community Action Partnership of Riverside County on Project Bliss which assists families in ways to get out of poverty and have a sustainable lifestyle. Janet works with Martin Luther King Walkathon, March of Dimes Walkathon,is active in her church, works at the front desk as needed at Mount Rubidoux Manor and in April was selected as Volunteer of the Year for Riverside County. Congratulations to Janet Gilmore and all the hard work she does in making Riverside a better community in which to live.


UBcafe Note... Congratulations, Janet !!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whole Lot Of Things Going On At The Cafe

Today there were a number of new folks/faces at the #UBcafe. The Mapleton Fall Creek Development Corporation hosted a neighborhood breakfast and discussion.

'Ask Anything Saturday' -- our weekly tech-assistance folks were also here, using the cafe's wifi to help people in some usual (and unusual *wink*) ways.

Check out our Flickr photo-stream to see which of your friends were here recently.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Closed Saturday, July 4th

Sister Elease advised us that the cafe will be CLOSED on Saturday, July 4th -- Enjoy the holiday... without pancakes. Yikes!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just A Normal Saturday At The Cafe...

Yep, just a 'normal' Saturday at the cafe...

...making new friends, enjoying pancakes (and whatever your favorite breakfast), and learning from each other.

Indeed, it's not just 'what' you know that counts, but more importantly WHO you know -- because we can hope to quickly develop relationships... and thus benefit from what someone else knows.

Ok, so here's the cafe photo-stream of recent visitors.

And of course, a number of them now are well-connected via Facebook... and the UBcafe group there in Facebook. Join us!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

U. B. Learnin'...

Psssstttt... What are these folks dreamin' & plannin'?

Here's today's YouTube report -- and our photostream.

Stay tuned for a special announcement for June 27th... Mark your calendars.

[P.S... Hey thanks @RudyCarrasco for reposting the video at in Pasadena! Btw, people are also now watching it in the CityReaching.TV player seen at IndyChristian and elsewhere.]

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twitter Anything Saturday?

[Thought this recent slide-show might be a good primer for new tweeps. *smile* Hat-tip @AnnaStout]


Join us at the #UBcafe 10am every Saturday morning for 'Ask Anything Saturday'... It's FREE help... as you navigate some of these late-breaking technologies... or even things like EMAIL, searching the web, YouTube videos, photo-posting and more.

No question is too easy... or too hard. [It's the ANSWERS that are hard. LOL]

Come be with us. And bring a few bucks for the best pancakes in the city!

Friday, May 15, 2009

UBcafe Down On The Farm...

Dave Metzger & Margy took Sister Elease and some of the neighborhood guys like Jab & Joe... up to the farm of some cafe-friends near Lafayette... to 'put in a crop' for the summer.

Stay tuned... Let's see how the garden grows...

[quick slideshow from the day]

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Social Media Presentation @ UBcafe

We often say, "The cafe was Facebook before Facebook was Facebook". *smile* Why? Because at the heart of its very mission, the cafe is warm & welcoming (in the name of Christ) in the neighborhood. People don't 'dress up' to come to the cafe -- you can come as you are: you're among friends.

And yeah, we've been taking folks pictures 'at the banner' for years (over 1,700 now in our Flickr-stream)... to honor our guests and to help get to know each other better, sooner.

Today was just another of those 'buzzing' Saturdays at the cafe, as @DrThomasHo (Tom Ho) brought one of his IUPUI Social Media #CIT499 students with him to specially present her class project.

Julie Underwood (known as @JuUnderw on Twitter) shared a howto video with us which she had prepared, which covered a variety of social media concepts... eg. tagging, rss, pipes, lifestream, and social-networking sites.

And, no surprise, Julie made a ton of new friends while she was at the cafe.

Catch up with them all in the cafe's Facebook group... and now you can monitor the #UBcafe buzz on Twitter.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

'Ask Anything Saturday' ? We Help People Learn The Internet

[During Ask Anything Saturday (10am each week at the cafe), we've been drawing this as a picture for YEARS. Now, PTL, this quick video explains it very very well. Thus you see the power of YouTube as well.]

Come bring your questions. Everything we do on Saturday is FREE.

Or come bring your internet capabilities, and help OTHERS. If you can do email, you can help.

We're crossing the 3 great divides: Digital Divide, Multicultural Divide, and God's Eternal Divide.

This Saturday, we'll focus a little extra attention on YouTube questions. Come join us.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tab Youth @ UBcafe

Recently, Beau Brown brought his Tab Youth posse to the cafe...

(click for more Tab/UBcafe photos)

...after an invigorating morning of helping 'Rebuilding The Wall'.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Newest Techs....

Click for more pix in the cafe photo-pool.

Our next-generation techs -- and already equipped !!!

[Can you spell 'precocious' ? *smile*]

Today was a great example of cafe synergy, as multiple meetings were going on at the same time. 'RELOAD' planners were actively getting it together for the upcoming conference (4/25) for urban youth workers here in Indy.

At the same time, our Ask Anything Saturday techs were working one-on-one to help folks learn new internet capabilities. In particular, today we had an expert in the house sharing about mapped resources for urban communities here.

And everybody met everybody!

The cafe's Facebook crowd is connecting at the speed of Light. Are YOU on-board?

P.S.... Here's a little quiz...

Who's this friend and who did HE bring to the cafe years ago?

Yep, Mike Wingo... stopped by yesterday along with Joshua Yamson. Mike helped us meet a number of folks over the years. But here's one person he brought to us...

Mike Boler !

Anthony Beverly with Mike & Janet Boler

Mike's become a great friend to the Transform Indiana connecting initiative. For instance, he has since introduced us to Anthony Beverly... who got involved in Faith Hope & Love. And now does 'Stop The Violence' concerts. Not only has Mike since completed the Operation Timothy discipleship training; he's now working with Anthony as his new 'Timothy'. And Anthony is just one of the Reload folks at the cafe today.

Startin' to see how all this connecting can help accelerate the Great Commission here in our city?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sad News From The Cafe Today...

One of our favorite-most friends at the cafe, Ms. Marie Johnson, passed away suddenly today.

Some know her as "Jackie's Mom"... But we all know Ms. Marie as that gentle helper who was seldom in the spotlight, but always shined her light on everyone else's day at the cafe... with a warm smile and generous hug. She never seemed to miss a day... quietly working away in the back... making our visit possible.

Marie cleverly dodged our cameras each week. Here she is though, in a rare photo... caught in a most common act she did so well...

Please pray for comfort for her family, especially our friend Jackie.

Funeral Arrangements are for Monday, March 9th...

* 10:00 a.m. Viewing at Stuart Mortuary (2201 N. Illinois)
* 11:00 a. m. Homecoming Service (also at Stuart Mortuary)

Procession to New Crown Cemetery for burial.


Personally, I can't begin to tell you how much I'll miss Sister Marie. But nor can I really fathom just how happy she must be right now, in the presence of her Savior.

One last thing... Funeral costs will be monumental for this family. If you can somehow help, please contact Sister Elease Womack, the ministry founder.... at 317-920-5292.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mayor and Officials Visit the Cafe Ministry...

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard visited the cafe yesterday, along with a host of other local officials and friends of the cafe.

Story & photos at

Saturday, February 14, 2009

So Many Great Folks... So Little Time...

...So let me just point you to the MANY photos we collected this morning. How many of these folks (all on Facebook now, btw) do YOU know?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cafe Anniversary... Sunday, Feb. 8th... 1pm

Cafe Anniversary Party... Sunday, Feb. 8th, 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Come help Sister Elease and everyone celebrate 12 years of ministry (truly) in the 'heart' of Indy's inner-city.

Hey join the UBcafe group on Facebook... and write on the wall there. Tell us your favorite memories of the cafe!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Community Mapping? Sat. January 24th

"Location, Location, Location"

Just get a gadget for Christmas, and anxious to learn more about it's GPS capabilities?

Or help get your church or ministry 'on the map'?

Or perhaps you'd like to brainstorm with others about how we can best utilize these new capabilities to accelerate 'The Church @ Indianapolis' in 2009?

Ok, roll it all up... close your eyes and imagine the potential value of a helpful citywide map dotted with all the great church & ministry partners, cell-groups, prayer-groups and even individuals... serving together in a myriad of ways to make a difference here in our metro-area... all in the name of Christ.

Come help us dot, dot, dot!

Consider this special 'Ask Anything Saturday' training event on January 24th (10am) at the Unleavened Bread Cafe.

Remember, anything we help you with on Saturdays... is free.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who's Who and Who's New... at the Cafe?

Today's staff... Jackie, Gail, Denise & Kim (photo by Ellen5e)

The cafe is getting busier & busier these days. And that's not only good for those of us on the eating, greeting & meeting end of our ministries, it's also good for one of the cafe ministry's goals -- creating more employment in the neighborhood. So we PTL when you come in.

Wanna see who's here today eating all the pancakes *smile* ???

[checkout the cafe photo-pool]

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Families At The Cafe...

It's always great to have FAMILIES at the cafe... here are just a few... starting with the Ware family... regulars at the cafe.

Michael & Dyetra Waire discuss the Bible with their family

And the Jaros family -- I can remember praying together with them on the eve of New Years 2003 before they even moved here; what a blessing to have them actively among us...

Chris & Sarah Jaros & family with Sister Elease Womack

And how about THIS... Sister Elease's SISTERS !!! It was especially good to have Patti back with us after a long recovery at the hospital.

Patti, Claudine, Mary & Elease

And, of course, we can't forget the GEEKS family *smile* [Every Sat. 10am is 'Ask Anything Saturday'.... come on in and bring your questions... or your answers. It's wireless -- so bring your toys too. The more the merrier -- and we all learn more together.]

Valorie, Jonathan, Joseph, James, Ellen & Ric

Today was kind of cool -- one of our neighborhood guys just got 'published'. And one of our thespian friends stopped by too.

And here are ALL the photos from the cafe... [UBcafe photostream]

Ok, how about YOUR family next Saturday?