Saturday, May 23, 2009

U. B. Learnin'...

Psssstttt... What are these folks dreamin' & plannin'?

Here's today's YouTube report -- and our photostream.

Stay tuned for a special announcement for June 27th... Mark your calendars.

[P.S... Hey thanks @RudyCarrasco for reposting the video at in Pasadena! Btw, people are also now watching it in the CityReaching.TV player seen at IndyChristian and elsewhere.]

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twitter Anything Saturday?

[Thought this recent slide-show might be a good primer for new tweeps. *smile* Hat-tip @AnnaStout]


Join us at the #UBcafe 10am every Saturday morning for 'Ask Anything Saturday'... It's FREE help... as you navigate some of these late-breaking technologies... or even things like EMAIL, searching the web, YouTube videos, photo-posting and more.

No question is too easy... or too hard. [It's the ANSWERS that are hard. LOL]

Come be with us. And bring a few bucks for the best pancakes in the city!

Friday, May 15, 2009

UBcafe Down On The Farm...

Dave Metzger & Margy took Sister Elease and some of the neighborhood guys like Jab & Joe... up to the farm of some cafe-friends near Lafayette... to 'put in a crop' for the summer.

Stay tuned... Let's see how the garden grows...

[quick slideshow from the day]