Sunday, July 29, 2007

Urban Projects Day 'Fotos'

More photos from 'Faith Hope & Love' Week here in Indy.... [continued]


Special thanks to our team of 'embedded reporters'. Join them?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Photo blogging at Flickr...

Visit the UBcafe Flickr collection of photos... many of them from TODAY's FHL 'Urban Projects Day in the cafe neighborhood.

Photo blogging...

Dr. Thomas Ho, IUPUI tech prof... photo-blogging... at

Also visit

Social Networking 4 Change... Today???

Today during Faith Hope & Love's citywide 'Urban Projects Day', we're also experimenting somewhat with the concept of social-networking for change.

So if you're visiting the site as a result of someone else asking you to, either via email, blogs, or official social networking sites like MyChurch, MySpace, Facebook, etc... PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT, and mention the avenue by which you came here today.

And of course, give us your thoughts about how we could accomplish yet more city ministry in the name of Christ, as a result of 'new media' today, such as social networking.

Friday, July 20, 2007

FHL's special 'Urban Projects Day'... Tues, 7/24

[Updates... These projects are growing almost hourly! Catch up on the latest... at our 'Urban Projects Day' wiki-page. See how YOU can get involved!]

This year, Faith Hope & Love Week includes a special "Urban Projects Day" (July 24th) to build multicultural relationships & service together in the name of Christ.

The Unleavened Bread Cafe will be one such location as host to several 'projects'. We've started a wiki-page for all of us to use centrally to collaborate & coordinate these efforts of faith. Take a look... and see what YOU can help with...

[continued at the detailed wiki-page]

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yet ANOTHER Great Use For Computers In Ministry?

[Personally, I cringed to see the flat-panel drop, knowing how much we'd have LOVED to have had it for our 'Ask Anything Saturday' program at the cafe. **sigh**]

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Check out Rhonda's site...

[Loved this pic when I saw it on Click for the real pic.]

Good job on your MyChurch site, Rhonda. And I'm anxious to see how it also helps develop a related 'church' website for Greater Faith House of Prayer. After all, the 'Church' is the PEOPLE. MyChurch helps connect & communicate among the people. And together, we can all acquire new computer skills & capabilities.

In fact, more than just computer skills. Recently, one of our Saturday morning guys at the cafe whom you've helped put up his wiki-page, was able to pick up some cash working with someone else he met on Saturday morning. And that's helping build a resume of work-experience for the future.

So again, thanks Rhonda (and everyone) for your leadership in connecting & communicating in the neighborhood.