Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chelsea Clinton Visits The Cafe

[Much thanks for photos by Alex Conner]

Judy O'Bannon & Chelsea Clinton

Former 'First Daughter', Chelsea Clinton, came to the cafe yesterday while on the campaign trail for Senator Hillary Clinton. She was accompanied by Mrs. Judy O'Bannon -- former first lady of Indiana.

Pastor David Scott & Chelsea

Chelsea's visit came on short notice, and of course was warmly welcomed by everyone -- a hallmark at the cafe... Christ-like warmth & hospitality.

Mrs. O'Bannon & Neil Cox

Chelsea and Sister Elease Womack

Mrs. O'Bannon and Ms. Clinton were greeted by Sister Elease Womack, the cafe ministry leader. And they made the rounds throughout the cafe, stopping and talking with cafe regulars who were on-hand.

Chris Smith & Chelsea

And of course, many photos were taken 'at the banner'. After all, surely you wouldn't travel all the way to Indy and NOT get your photo taken at the banner, would you? *wink*

Jennifer O'Bannon & Ellen Spencer

Another 'First Daughter' was also on-hand... Jennifer... daughter of the late Gov. Frank O'Bannon.

Rosie & Viola

Many beloved friends of the cafe were also enjoying the occasion. And as is our tradition, getting your picture made 'at the banner' is just another way we can honor our neighbors and friends, as we strive to get to know each other quickly.

The cafe photo-pool now contains over 900 such pictures... with a promise of many more to come, should the Lord tarry.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Video: 'Have You Heard?'

Catch the vision: If you look across the citywide 'Church @ Indianapolis' and see the digital divide, the multicultural divide, and God's eternal divide... all starting to close... you might be seeing just a little of the impact of this little cafe truly in the heart of Indy...

Reggie Edwards: "What am I good for?"

It's a lot of fun as you can see from the video. In this particular case... [continued at]

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Vision Dinner Video

Great thanks to our volunteer techs for providing clips from the recent 'Vision Dinner'. Stay tuned at AskAnythingSaturday.TV for more...

Sunday, April 06, 2008

More friends at the cafe....

As always, we all met a lot of new people Saturday at the cafe. And one particularly neat introduction was Manuel Apraez, from MY neighborhood in Carmel...

Manuel Apraez and Eric Yateman

[other recent items from the cafe photo-pool]