Saturday, November 24, 2007

In the house today... a whole lotta folks...

The place was abuzz today with tons of folks -- we can't begin to name them all here...

But check out the cafe's photo-pool, and you'll see friends from way back... and friends of the cafe starting today. Folks from Texas. And folks from New York. [continued at UBcafe photo-pool]

[When are we going to see YOU here? **smile**]

Unleavened Bread Cafe -- "Food for the stomach and soul".... "Where smiles & hugs are free".

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

'Ask Anything Saturday' TV...

Get ready. It's coming...

Ask Anything Saturday TV.

"In all humility, we assert that between our entire network of friends, WE CAN ANSWER ANY QUESTION. Try us."

Coming soon to an internet tv near you. Stay tuned.

[Fact is, we'll be demonstrating the power of social-networking friendships, by interviewing many different friends & visitors at the cafe each Saturday. And we'll be inviting some web-cam cohosts out in the burbs... or maybe even across the country if we need to... to answer people's questions. ]

[Looking to HELP?]

Monday evening's MFC meeting at Tab

[click to zoom in]

Here's a photo from the neighborhood meeting held Monday evening at Tab. The meeting was conducted by the Mapleton Fall Creek Development Corp, in conjunction with the Mid-North Church Council and the goodwill of the people of the neighborhood.

Discussion tables were arranged topically, including... Service, Economic Development, Parks, Infrastructure and Security. Each table was well prepared with a helpful SAVI neighborhood map reflecting key items related to their topic.

The meeting was very well done... with possibly one notable exception. Almost every table's reported conclusions included some reference to the need for a centralized mechanism for information exchange. And while our table (Service) specifically discussed the 'Ask Anything Saturday' wiki as a helpful collaborative tool that could be used, in the end that was not reported to the larger group. Perhaps this reflects once again the problem we're trying to help solve at the cafe... These low-cost internet solutions are rarely understood or considered particularly useful by the people who need them most.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Together...

[click for slideshow]

The neighborhood celebrated Thanksgiving together today (Saturday). God is good... all the time. Lots to be thankful for. Perhaps especially, a great little cafe in the neighborhood where people can get together year-round.

[click for the slideshow]

Peter's House ministry co-op

William Ross, "Peter's House"

We've enjoyed getting to know William Ross, founder of "Peter's House" housing co-op here in the neighborhood.

William is one highly-collaborative guy. Here's a wiki-page we're working on to see what's to be learned from this innovative housing effort here.

Visit the "Peter's House" photo pool.

Free Wheelin' Open House... Today

See the photo-pool
from today's open house at Tab, for the "Free Wheelin" neighborhood earn-a-bike ministry.

The bike ministry is a Mapleton Fall Creek neighborhood cooperative... directed by Nancy Stimson... and facilitated via Broadway United Methodist, Tabernacle Presbyterian, and the Unleavened Bread Cafe.

More about Free Wheelin'.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Free-wheelin'... Open House this Saturday... Nov. 17

[per email from Nancy Stimson]

"Dear friends and neighbors,
You all know about Freewheelin' Community Bike Co-op. It's a great place for kids to come and learn about bikes and much more, and for the neighborhood to come for repairs and great "re-newed" old bikes to ride! This Saturday, we're having an open house! We hope you can come - and bring your friends and neighbors. The invitation is attached with details. Feel free to print out several copies and spread them around - in fact, we'd appreciate it! Thanks for being there for us!

Also... meet Joshua Weir...

[Click here to see EVENT FLYER for complete details.]

More about 'Free Wheelin' Community Bike Project and how YOU can help these kids... [click]

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Geeks In The House..... Praise God.

We're really thankful for the techs that show up at the cafe to help out for 'Ask Anything Saturday'. For example, today Alex Conner helped us a ton by trouble-shooting our wireless internet and curing the issue.

Alex is one of the 'Indy Christian Geeks' who are now getting together monthly for fellowship, learning and brainstorming ways to help the kingdom by using new media tools. [Stay tuned for announcements about 'BarCamp Indy'.]

In fact, he's now using his blogsite to produce training videos for some things you might want to know about out here on the 'information highway'. Stop in at his website and check 'em out.

Btw, a special thanks goes out to Alex's tech instructor at IUPUI... Dr. Thomas Ho... who put out the alert for cafe help today. [I guess so much of this just comes down to the cafe's GREAT HEARTS & GREAT CONNECTIONS!]

Or check out other new photos of some neat folks 'in the house' today.... [click to the UBcafe Flickr Pool]