Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chaotic Podcasting Training...

We're taking notes LIVE at our new '' site... in this case under the PODCASTING topic. Scott & Kathy Wilder and their co-host Doug Pierce conducted today's special training. If you missed out on this fun training time (and such things as 'Chicks Are Hot'), come to the cafe on future Saturdays (10am) during 'Ask Anything Saturday', and we'll be doing some one-on-one assistance with these new technologies.

Scott emphasized again... everything we do here each Saturday is FREE & easy. You just have to know someone who can lead you to the free stuff and the easy ways.

And we're uploading pics from the cafe today as well....

Hey look who's new at the cafe today... MY pastor...

Dominic Francese, The ROCC

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anniversary Pix from the Cafe

There are tons of pictures now available from Sunday's 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Recognize any of these folks? **smile**

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sunday... April 22... 12:30pm... Celebrate with us!!!

[Special thanks to Pastor John Hay Jr. for posting this at BikeHiker Blog!]

COME AND SEE. We're celebrating an anniversary for Unleavened Bread Cafe at 30th & Central in Indy on Sunday, April 22.

Food and festivities begins at 12:30 pm and rolls on thru the afternoon. Come see why this little place is so big.RESTAURANT OR MINISTRY? Elease Womack (taking an order behind the counter in the photo) facilitates the place like a ministry more than a restaurant.

There's always a welcome, hug, and good conversation at Unleavened Bread. The food's cheap and good, too. You can get food and you can also get help learning how to use a computer for school or work. Learn more about Unleavened Bread Cafe any Saturday. It's a free wi-fi hotspot.

[continued at BikeHiker... Pastor John Hay's blog]


And if you love the cafe ministry or want to learn more, come be with us on Sunday... 12:30pm !!!

Here's your OFFICIAL invitation with details.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Who was 'in the house' today?

Today's cafe visitors for "Ask Anything Saturday" included Tiffany Powell is the new Director of Enrollment Management at Crossroads Bible College. [If you're anxious to get your college degree from an accredited Bible college here in our city... contact her at 352-8736... and be sure you mention you saw this at the cafe site!]

Who else was 'in the house' today? [continued at our Flickr photos page] [Thanks again Ellen for your great help in doing this!]

Thursday, April 12, 2007

"I'm Back!"

Listen in to cafe guest Deron Williams as he later recorded "I'm Back!"... at the Chaotic Christians studios. [continued at]

[Great job, Scott ! Great job, Deron!]

Saturday, April 07, 2007

TechMission handiwork at the cafe...

Can you do this?

This morning one of our volunteers for 'Answer Anything Saturday' at the cafe, did this video conversion and upload to YouTube for one of our participants who brought in a ministry dvd....

[continued at Scott's MyChurch Blog]

These are just some of the varieties of FREE help & training sessions at the cafe on Saturday mornings.

Especially mark your calendars for 4/28... 10am... on PODCASTING.

Celebrity Pix at the Cafe

Everybody's a celebrity at the Unleavened Bread Cafe.

See who's been at the cafe lately.... [continued at our Flickr pix page]

[And if you've not yet had YOUR picture made 'at the banner'.... come down during "Ask Anything Saturday"... 10am til noon.]

Ask Anything Saturday (.com)

Go ahead... click the image above... and Ask Anything Saturday.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Neighborhood Cleanup CANCELLED... at least for tomorrow.

*** Received from David Scott via email just now ******

The Youth Compassion Action Project neighborhood clean up has been cancelled due to unusually cold Spring Break temperatures. It is with regret that we have to reschedule this activity for later this summer, yet better weather will allow more youth to participate and neighbors to interact with all of us. Thanks for your willingness to join this effort and others, where we are endeavoring to inspire our youth to change the world! Look to receive the alternative date for this clean up soon.We are in a season of divine destiny so let us continue to do all we can to position this generation of youth for spiritual greatness! For further correspondence call 317-728-5813.Hidden in Him, tall,dark and ransomed, Apostle David A. Scott,JOSHUA Ministries, 'where we are delivering Gods' children safely into the promised land.' Facilitator of Youth Compassion Action Project,a coalition for inner city solutions.